About the Scholarship

At the University of Maryland, members of the University Student Judiciary have made a lasting impact by educating students about and holding students accountable to the policies of the University of Maryland. Members of USJ are expected to be honest, fair, and to act with integrity and to be role models on campus.

The University Student Judiciary Scholarship Fund was established in 2013 to provide critical support to USJ members facing financial hardship. The USJ Scholarship Fund supports those students who have made distinguished contributions to the academic integrity and ethical development program in the Division of Student Affairs.

How to Apply

For more information on how to apply for a USJ Scholarship, please contact Ed Kenny at 301-405-0322 or ekenny@umd.edu.

How to Make an Online Gift

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About Past Scholars

2017-2018 USJ Scholar Anna Bieganowska is a current sophomore at the University of Maryland pursuing a dual-degree in Criminal Justice & Criminology and Psychology. This is supplemented with a minor in Spanish and independent study of Polish. She is currently drafting a research paper on the modern democratic crisis in Poland for her honors citation, which was inspired by her background as a Polish immigrant. Currently, she is proud to represent Maryland in the marching band, to gain an interdisciplinary study of the world through the Honors Humanities program, and to maintain student rights alongside fostering campus safety through serving on a board in the University Student Judiciary. Looking forward, she hopes to utilize all she learns at Maryland to become an intelligence analyst for the FBI, assisting in its mission of advancing justice in the United States.